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Author Archive: moneyguzzler

Architecture with Java by Binildas A. Christudas-P2P

Service Oriented Architecture provides a way for applications to work together over the Internet. Usually, SOA applications are exposed through web services.
Web services have been around for a while, but complex adoption processes and poor standardization hampered their use at first. However, with the adoption of new, simpler protocols such as REST, and major companies supporting SOA, the time is now right to adopt these standards.

Service Oriented Architecture with Java: Using SOA and web services to build powerful Java applications by Binildas A. Christudas, Malhar Barai, Vincenzo Caselli-P2P

English |ePUB | Tech & Devices | ISBN/ASIN: 1847193218|8 MB

Download from  :==>  Suprafiles.net   – NTi

Beginning Scala by Vishal Layka, David Pollak-P2P

Learn Scala and its object-oriented and functional programming characteristics, and then discover the Scala constructs and libraries that allow you to assemble small components into high-performance, scalable systems. Beginning Scala, Second Edition takes a down-to-earth approach to teaching Scala that leads you through simple examples that can be combined to build complex, scalable systems and applications.

Beginning Scala by Vishal Layka, David Pollak-P2P

English | ePUB/AZW3 | Tech & Devices | ISBN/ASIN: B00M0EYG1I|3 MB

Download from  :==>  Suprafiles.net   – NTi

Oracle JET by Raja Malleswara Rao Pattamsetti-P2P

This book will give you a complete practical understanding of the Oracle JavaScript Extension Toolkit (JET) and how you can use it to develop efficient client-side applications with ease. It will tell you how to get your own customized Oracle JET set up. You’ll start with individual libraries, such as jQuery, Cordova, and Require.js. You’ll also get to work with the JavaScript libraries created by Oracle, especially for cloud developers. You’ll use these tools to create a working backend application with these libraries. Using the latest Oracle Alta UI, you’ll develop a state-of-the-art backend for your cloud applications. You’ll learn how to develop and integrate the different cloud services required for your application and use other third-party libraries to get more features from your cloud applications.

Oracle JET for Developers: Implement client-side JavaScript efficiently for enterprise Oracle applications by Raja Malleswara Rao Pattamsetti-P2P

English | ePUB | Tech & Devices | ISBN/ASIN: 1787284743|8 MB

Download from  :==>  Suprafiles.net   – NTi

TypeScript 2.x for Developers by Christian Nwamba-P2P

TypeScript, a superset of JavaScript, is the default language for building Angular applications from Google. TypeScript 2.0 adds optional static types, classes, and modules to JavaScript, to enable great tooling and better structuring of large JavaScript applications.  This book will teach you how to leverage the exciting features of TypeScript while working on Angular projects to build scalable, data-intensive web applications. You will begin by setting up and installing TypeScript and then compile it with JavaScript. You will then learn to write simple JavaScript expressions with TypeScript.

TypeScript 2.x for Angular Developers: Harness the capabilities of TypeScript to build cutting-edge web apps with Angular by Christian Nwamba-P2P

English | ePUB | Tech & Devices | ISBN/ASIN: 1786460556|10 MB

Download from  :==>  Suprafiles.net   – NTi

Oracle Business Intelligence by Rosendo Abellera-P2P

Use machine learning and Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) as a comprehensive BI solution. This book follows a when-to, why-to, and how-to approach to explain the key steps involved in utilizing the artificial intelligence components now available for a successful OBIEE implementation. Oracle Business Intelligence with Machine Learning covers various technologies including using Oracle OBIEE, R Enterprise, Spatial Maps, and machine learning for advanced visualization and analytics.

Oracle Business Intelligence with Machine Learning: Artificial Intelligence Techniques in OBIEE for Actionable BI by Rosendo Abellera, Lakshman Bulusu-P2P

English | PDF | Tech & Devices | ISBN/ASIN: B078H75VDQ|4 MB

Download from  :==>  Suprafiles.net   – NTi

Data Mining Algorithms in C++ by Timothy Masters -P2P

Discover hidden relationships among the variables in your data, and learn how to exploit these relationships. This book presents a collection of data-mining algorithms that are effective in a wide variety of prediction and classification applications. All algorithms include an intuitive explanation of operation, essential equations, references to more rigorous theory, and commented C++ source code.

Data Mining Algorithms in C++: Data Patterns and Algorithms for Modern Applications by Timothy Masters-P2P

English | PDF | Tech & Devices | ISBN/ASIN: 148423314X|4 MB

Download from  :==>  Suprafiles.net   – NTi

A Taste for the Beautiful by Michael J. Ryan-P2P

Darwin developed the theory of sexual selection to explain why the animal world abounds in stunning beauty, from the brilliant colors of butterflies and fishes to the songs of birds and frogs. He argued that animals have “a taste for the beautiful” that drives their potential mates to evolve features that make them more sexually attractive and reproductively successful. But if Darwin explained why sexual beauty evolved in animals, he struggled to understand how. In A Taste for the Beautiful, Michael Ryan, one of the world’s leading authorities on animal behavior, tells the remarkable story of how he and other scientists have taken up where Darwin left off and transformed our understanding of sexual selection, shedding new light on human behavior in the process.

A Taste for the Beautiful: The Evolution of Attraction by Michael J. Ryan-p2p

English | ePUB |Educational | ISBN/ASIN: 0691167265|2 MB

Download from  :==>  Suprafiles.net   – NTi

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