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Going On The Turn by Danny Baker-P2P

Danny Baker is a national treasure with a well-documented – thanks to the recent eight-part BBC TV adaptation – and colourful life. For over a quarter of a century he has amused and entertained audiences on both radio and television. Beginning his career at the age of 15 in a small record shop in the London’s West End, Danny went on to become an acclaimed music journalist, and started his radio career on BBC GLR in 1989. With a unique take on life and a lot to say, Danny’s latest book is full of his trademark warmth, wit and insight.


Going On The Turn by Danny Baker-P2P
English |272 pages | ePUB | 3 MB

Dictators Without Borders by Alexander Cooley-P2P

A penetrating look into the unrecognized and unregulated links between autocratic regimes in Central Asia and centers of power and wealth throughout the West

Weak, corrupt, and politically unstable, the former Soviet republics of Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, and Uzbekistan are dismissed as isolated and irrelevant to the outside world. But are they? This hard-hitting book argues that Central Asia is in reality a globalization leader with extensive involvement in economics, politics and security dynamics beyond its borders. Yet Central Asia’s international activities are mostly hidden from view, with disturbing implications for world security.

Based on years of research and involvement in the region, Alexander Cooley and John Heathershaw reveal how business networks, elite bank accounts, overseas courts, third-party brokers, and Western lawyers connect Central Asia’s supposedly isolated leaders with global power centers. The authors also uncover widespread Western participation in money laundering, bribery, foreign lobbying by autocratic governments, and the exploiting of legal loopholes within Central Asia. Riveting and important, this book exposes the global connections of a troubled region that must no longer be ignored.

Dictators Without Borders: Power and Money in Central Asia

Dictators Without Borders: Power and Money in Central Asia by Alexander Cooley, John Heathershaw-P2P
2017 | EPUB | 312 pages | 3 MB

Back to Where You Came by Sasha Polakow-Suransky-P2P

What if the new far right poses a graver threat to liberal democracy than jihadists or mass migration?

Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory were just the beginning–and Marine Le Pen’s defeat does not signal a turning of the tide. –From the Introduction

From Europe to the United States, opportunistic politicians have exploited the economic crisis, terrorist attacks, and an unprecedented influx of refugees to bring hateful and reactionary views from the margins of political discourse into the mainstream. They have won the votes of workers, women, gays, and Jews; turned openly xenophobic ideas into state policy; and pulled besieged centrist parties to the right. How did we get here?

In this deeply reported account, Sasha Polakow-Suransky provides a front-row seat to the anger, desperation, and dissent that are driving some voters into the arms of the far right and stirring others to resist. He introduces readers to refugees in the Calais “Jungle” and the angry working-class neighbors who want them out; a World War II refugee-turned-rabbi who became a leading defender of Muslim immigrants; the children of Holocaust survivors who have become apologists for the new right; and alt-right activists and the intellectuals who enable them.

Polakow-Suransky chronicles how the backlash against refugees and immigrants has reshaped our political landscape. Ultimately, he argues that the greatest threat comes not from outside, but from within–even established democracies are at risk of betraying their core values and falling apart.

Go Back to Where You Came From: The Backlash Against Immigration and the Fate of Western Democracy

Go Back to Where You Came From: The Backlash Against Immigration and the Fate of Western Democracy by Sasha Polakow-Suransky-P2P
2017 | EPUB | 368 pages | 2 MB

This Is How We Rise by Claudia Chan-P2P

From an inspiring voice in the movement for gender equality, a practical guide to achieving success through a new kind of leadership–rooted in purpose and activism for social change

We live in a time of unprecedented opportunity for women. Yet despite centuries of progress, true equality remains out of reach. What will it take to bring us to a tipping point?

To leadership expert and social entrepreneur Claudia Chan, the key is shifting to a “me for we” mindset, where individuals root their effort in a mission far bigger than personal success, and getting everyone–women and men–to work together for social change. By lifting others, we not only make the world better, but we can also discover our greatest meaning and achieve lasting fulfillment. In This Is How We Rise, Claudia encourages readers to join a new breed of leaders and become change makers for gender equality. Distilling wisdom and insights from her own personal and professional journey, she shares key lessons learned and offers a toolbox of thirteen foundational habits. Claudia shows how to define and develop your own purpose, vision, and pathway to becoming a thriving agent for good.

Whether you own your own business or are part of the corporate world, whether you’re at the top of your field or are just starting out in your career, you have the power to lead change and achieve extraordinary success in all areas of your life. This Is How We Rise will show you how to unleash it.

This Is How We Rise: Reach Your Highest Potential, Empower Women, Lead Change in the World

This Is How We Rise: Reach Your Highest Potential, Empower Women, Lead Change in the World by Claudia Chan-P2P
2017 | EPUB | 288 pages | 3 MB

Hitler: History’s Greatest Hoax by Ethan Gollings-P2P

Adolf Hitler is notoriously the most hated man in history. Once a miserable citizen of the Austro-Hungarian empire, turned WW1 “hero”, and eventually the Fuhrer of a country in absolute political turmoil.
The little man who would shake up the world and change the course of history forever. In this book we will travel from 1878-1945 in order to sort the facts from the fiction of the most debated about man in history and the time in which he lived.
In doing so, we will examine shocking evidence from Mein Kampf and various tape recordings in private, as well as speeches, to discover what Adolf Hitler really was. Was he a huge German Nationalist with fabricated dreams of racial purity, or a genocidal work of evil willing to do anything to corrupt the world?
Once you’ve read this book you’ll know the answer to this question. Why read this book? It is the balanced interpretation of a crafted work of evil. One that with any luck will answer any questions you have about this period; going from the creation of the German empire to the aftermath of the fall of the Third Reich, this is Hitler’s rise and fall in words.

Hitler: History's Greatest Hoax

Hitler: History’s Greatest Hoax by Ethan Gollings-P2P
2017 | 287 Pages | ePUB | 323 KB

The National Joker by Todd Nathan Thompson-P2P

Abraham Lincoln’s sense of humor proved legendary during his own time and remains a celebrated facet of his personality to this day. Indeed, his love of jokes–hearing them, telling them, drawing morals from them–prompted critics to dub Lincoln “the National Joker.” The political cartoons and print satires that mocked Lincoln often trafficked in precisely the same images and terms Lincoln humorously used to characterize himself. In this intriguing study, Todd Nathan Thompson considers the politically productive tension between Lincoln’s use of satire and the satiric treatments of him in political cartoons, humor periodicals, joke books, and campaign literature. By fashioning a folksy, fallible persona, Thompson shows, Lincoln was able to use satire as a weapon without being severely wounded by it.

In his speeches, writings, and public persona, Lincoln combined modesty and attack, engaging in strategic self-deprecation while denouncing his opponents, their policies, and their arguments, thus refiguring satiric discourse as political discourse and vice versa. At the same time, he astutely deflected his opponents’ criticisms of him by embracing and sometimes preemptively initiating those criticisms. Thompson traces Lincoln’s comic sources and explains how, in reapplying others’ jokes and stories to political circumstances, he transformed humor into satire. Time and time again, Thompson shows, Lincoln engaged in self-mockery, turning negative assumptions or depictions of him–as ugly, cowardly, jocular, inexperienced–into positive traits that identified him as an everyman while attacking his opponents’ claims to greatness, heroism, and experience as aristocratic or demagogic. Thompson also considers how Lincoln took advantage of political cartoons and other media to help proliferate the particular Lincoln image of the “self-made man”; underscores exceptions to Lincoln’s ability to mitigate negative, satiric depictions of him; and closely examines political cartoons from both the 1860 and 1864 elections. Throughout, Thompson’s deft analysis brings to life Lincoln’s popular humor.

The National Joker : Abraham Lincoln and the Politics of Satire

The National Joker: Abraham Lincoln and the Politics of Satire by Todd Nathan Thompson-P2P
English | 2015 | 165 Pages | ePUB | 12 MB

Raspberry Pi Project Ideas for Beginners by John Daril-P2P

These Raspberry Pi comes for beginners are designed to be as straightforward as potential. very little to no data of programming or UNIX system is needed so as to induce them to figure.

These comes area unit a good example of a number of the cool stuff you will do with the Pi. they’re additionally a good thanks to learn plenty of the fundamentals concerning the Pi like package configurations, debugging, UNIX system commands way more.

If you’re additionally simply longing for one thing that may merely work and be running in no time, then these project also are for you too. A project like the media center could be a nice example of a project that you just will simply setup, tack associate degreed have prepared in but an hour. Raspberry Pi Project Ideas for Beginners.

Raspberry Pi Project Ideas for Beginners by John Daril-P2P
English | 11 Oct. 2017 | ASIN: B076DKS64Y | 21 Pages | PDF/EPUB/AZW3 | 1.5 MB

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